Donate to our Service Partners

​Phi Kappa Psi's National Service Partner is the Boys and Girls Club of America. Each Week we have Brothers that volunteer to spend time and play with the children at our local center. As a Chapter, we not only like to volunteer our time, but expand our Philanthropy to fund our National Service Partner as well as other charities and organizations. Any donation will help these charities and companies keep thriving and better our communities both locally and nationally. We as a chapter encourage you to look at each of their websites to find out more about all the wonderful work being done!

Donate to the Chapter

The Gentlemen at Phi Kappa Psi Minnesota Delta would appreciate any donations to help our chapter function. Donations will help sustain our chapter, keep our dues low for our Undergraduate students, and help with our expenses such as; travel to leadership conferences, insurance, our housing corp, and allowing us to provide more service to our University and local community. 

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