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Rushing Phi Psi

The best way to see if Phi Psi is right for you, is to ask a Brother. Get to know the guys through our Rush period in the beginning of each semester. Rushing is a time period, with no commitment to join, where you meet the Brothers during various events that we host. Its a time to have fun, let loose, and meet new friends. At the end of the Rush period if you chose to become a Brother, you will receive a bid to and start on your path to become a gentleman of Phi Kappa Psi. 

During out Rush period we host a bunch of Activities in order for you to bond with the Brothers, and see if you embody our ideals as gentlemen. Some of our events are a Kung Fu Movie Night (complete with Chinese food), a Brotherhood Football Game, Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag, Game Night, a Paintball Day, and our Fall Festival

Here's a Video of our 2017 Fall Fest Rush Event!

Rushing FAQ's

 What Happens During Rush?

Rush Week is a time where an individual interested in Phi Kappa Psi has the opportunity to attend events, meet the Brothers, and learn more about what it means to be a Phi Psi without formally committing to the Fraternity. Come to as many as you like, and get to know us! It's the best way to see if we're right for you!

What are the Requirements of During Rush?

If you want to become a Brother,  Phi Kappa Psi has a six week pledge Fraternity Education period during which Brothers-In-Training are taught about Phi Kappa Psi, its history, traditions, and other essential material relating to being a member. 

At no time during the Education process will you be required to do anything other than the above requirements. Phi Kappa Psi is a Gentleman's Fraternity and therefore is strongly against hazing. No chapter is allowed to haze their Brothers-In-Training and our Chapter is in full compliance with this rule.

While the Education process is preparing you to become a Brother, by no means is it a full commitment to join. You may drop the Educational process at anytime, and under no pressure. 

Does Phi Kappa Psi Haze ?

Phi Kappa Psi DOES NOT HAZE. All the Brothers personally abhor hazing of any sort and at no time during the pledging or initiation process will you be hazed or asked to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. MN Delta strongly believes that hazing negatively influences the spirit of all Fraternities.

A Brother WILL NEVER order or pressure you to do anything! Your membership will only depend on you paying the pledging fee and attending pledge meetings.

Despite our efforts, if a pledge feels uncomfortable at any time during the pledging and/or initiation process, the Brothers will immediately put a halt to any proceedings and try to resolve the situation. 

When am I Initiated?

Initiation is the sacred ceremony where you will be installed as a Brother after your education period. It is conducted on a night mutually suitable for Brother and Brothers-In-Training. The Initiation ceremony is a secret ceremony and nobody except Brothers, Alumni, and Initiates found suitable will be allowed to attend the proceedings.


A pledge may choose not to initiate at anytime during the ceremony. If a pledge chooses to do so, he will be escorted away from the proceedings immediately and will face no consequences for doing so.  

When Do I Pledge?

Shortly after Rush Week there will be a short Pledging Ceremony. This is where an individual officially expresses their interest to join the Fraternity and is declared a Brother-In-Training of Phi Kappa Psi. One should only pledge Phi Kappa Psi if you are genuinely interested in learning more about us. The Pledging Ceremony is also one of the only non-secret ceremonies in Phi Psi, so friends and family are encouraged to come.
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